aa419 DDoS Attack – Jun 2013

aa419 DDoS Attack – Jun 2013

Once again aa419 has managed to stir the proverbial hornet’s nest and we are under a DDoS attack.

Ever since it has become fashionable for criminals to use DDoS attacks, aa419 has been a regular target of these attacks. As such we’ll simply so what we have done so many times before; go offline if we can no longer stay up and be back later.

In the past we have explained why we can’t be hurt by DDoS attacks in the article A mistaken assumption in DDoS. Much as it held true then, it still holds true now.

While aa419’s primary scope is fighting online scams, our declared policy has always been to fight abuse on the net. An analysis of the logs is going to prove rather interesting. Naturally information will be fed to the security community for bot swatting.

If we disappear for a while, rest assured, we will be back. Should we discover any interesting titbits to share in the meantime, we will publish it here for our supporters to read. In the meantime the anti-abuse community will unite again and make a concerted effort to hurt scammers.

Image our surprise to discover one attacking IP address to be located on the network of a financial institution in the USA! This is going to hurt a botnet herder as he will lose access to that network and allow the authorities to do damage control, protecting the innocent client victims of this financial group. Who says DDoS is all doom and gloom?

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