From Benin: A Loan Scam Syndicate

From Benin: A Loan Scam Syndicate

In November 2016,  the On-line ADR Center of the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) made a UDRP ruling on the domain CREDIT-BOURSORAMABANQUE.COM, where this domain was found to be violating Bourorama SA’s rights.

In the notable portions in this judgment, we find the following:

Factual Background


The Complainant, BOURSORAMA S.A., is a French company founded in 1995 and is active in online brokerage, the provision of financial information on the Internet and online banking.

The Domain Name <> was registered on October 4, 2016. The Domain Name currently does not resolve to any content. For an undefined period of time, the Domain Name has been used to link to a website which was similar to the official website of the Complainant.





The Complainant considers the Domain Name to be confusingly similar to trademarks in which it has rights. The Complainant claims that the Respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the Domain Name. According to the Complainant, the Respondent does not use the Domain Name in connection with any legitimate use. Also, according to the Complainant, the Respondent has not been commonly known by the Domain Name. Finally, the Complainant considers that the Domain Name was registered and used in bad faith.


The Respondent did not reply to the Complainant’s contentions.

In the instant case, the Panel notes that the Domain Name used to refer to a website which was highly similar to the Complainant’s website, even including the Complainant’s BOURSORAMA trademarks. Therefore, the Panel finds that the Respondent was unquestionably aware of the Complainant’s trademarks when registering the Domain Name.
Moreover, the website linked to the Domain Name used to include a false account service connection page. In view of these circumstances, the Panel finds that the Domain Name was registered and used to intentionally attempting to attract, for commercial gain, Internet users by creating a likelihood of confusion with the Complainant’s mark as to the source, sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of Respondent’s web site or location or of a product or service on Respondent’s web site.

The Complainant states that it notified the Domain Name on the phishing database on October 7, 2010, which is the reason why the website is currently inactive.

The wording may seem a bit confusing in the last part, but the message is clear in the the rest, also accurate in describing the false account service connection page.

While this at first may be seen as a victory for the real BOURSORAMA S.A., this is most definitely not, nor for the consumer, yet. Let’s roll back a year, to December 2015 to a Bank of France alert. For the first time the Bank of France actually named the websites complete with domain names in their alerts. In their listings was To see how all the checks and balances have failed in a cost shift paradigm to consumers as victims to fraud and banks such as BOURSORAMA S.A that should not have not had to lodge a UDRP (Their name is still seen to be abused in the syndicate’s web content).

A cost of $2500 for a UDRP vs a discounted domain to be used in fraud at under $10: The economies of crime?

To illustrate the problem, let’s look at at the registration details of that was listed by the Bank of France.

Registrant Name: valentin kakpo
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 01bp001
Registrant City: bohicon
Registrant State/Province:
Registrant Postal Code: 00229
Registrant Country: BJ
Registrant Phone: +229.97682032
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:

Let’s roll forward to the present day, more than a year later. We find also offering loans to consumers:

Next, let’s look at the registration details of this domain:

Creation Date: 2016-07-01T07:19:26Z

Registrant Name: Rigolio sylvain

Registrant Organization: SARL
Registrant Street: bp 9120 Cotonou 0
Registrant City: Cotonou
Registrant State/Province: Godomey
Registrant Postal Code: 229
Registrant Country: BJ
Registrant Phone: +229.22997682032
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:

To those not knowledgeable on the international telephone number formats, the last number should actually be  +229.97682032.

But at this stage the eagle-eyed will say, “But hang on, that number is the one used before!”. Correct!

Looking at the fake website’s Legal page, we find: Legal Legal

This website fraudulently claims to be authorized, in fact goes as far as to collect personal user data claiming it to be for FACTA purposes! So much for victim privacy. The concept of sucker lists is well known in advance fee fraud. Any potential target supplying his information, believing this to be a legitimate institution,  will be inundated with future scams and a target for identity theft!

This is the game being played registering domain names at a massive scale, domains names chosen carefully to defraud consumers. Using fake names, fake/incomplete addresses, ever changing disposable email addresses and telephone numbers, but also online web content, we could uncover over 300 active domains and free sub-domains being abused to perpetuate this fraud. A complete list can be found at the end of this post. What is more important, is that these domains are all linked to one syndicate operating from Benin in West Africa. Apart from the clues giving, also other methods were used to map out the syndicate the past month.

The same set of templates are used again and again. Fictitious claims of affiliation and registration are made, yet upon checking, these are found to be untrue. One template claims to be a wealthy millionaire loaning out money … untrue and a scam.

Consumers in primarily Europe (mainly France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands), the United Kingdom and Canada are being targeted. These scams all require registration and a pre-loan fee to be paid upfront. Once paid, the victims never hear from the fictitious company – advance fee fraud. In yet another bizarre twist, one scam template requires a pre-paid card payment to the value of the admin fees be purchased and the details be sent to the company to prove the person applying is not a West African scammer – talk of hypocrisy while defrauding.

What is also extremely worrying, is the extent to which this crime is using advanced techniques and even domain reseller accounts to perpetuate this fraud. The threat of mitigation is being negated by using many registrars and providers.

We literally observed how the registrants started hiding registration details behind domain proxies upon appearing in the Artists Against 419 database. As an example, in some instances Obambu’s proxy registration services are being used. Although being a domain reseller, Obambu SARL is violating the requirements of the ICANN RAA Specification on Privacy and Proxy Registrations having not published any terms for it’s proxy, despite being mandated for both registrars and their resellers –  an ideal shield for cyber-crime. A query to this reseller went unanswered. A later follow-up prompt by the sponsoring registrar, who gave them some good advice, solicited no response either.

As an example we can look at

Registration details show:

Reseller: Obambu SARL (
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited http:://
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: Whois privacy provider (Obambu SARL)
Registrant Organization: Whois privacy provider (Obambu SARL)
Registrant Street: Rue de Penthievre
Registrant City: Paris
Registrant State/Province: Paris
Registrant Postal Code: 75008
Registrant Country: FR
Registrant Phone: +33.970462350
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:

However the fraudster was not able to hide his tracks. Prior to this his registration details has been:

Reseller: Obambu SARL (
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited http:://
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: Jean Parfait Babo
Registrant Street: 12PlaceDeLa Pyramide
Registrant City: PUTEAUX
Registrant State/Province:
Registrant Postal Code: 92800
Registrant Country: FR
Registrant Phone: +33.678965210
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:

Ironically, having developed advanced research techniques, such a proxy registration even if adopted from the start of the domain registration, would not have shielded the malicious registrant.

So we have somebody in France trying to protect his privacy? Not quite. Consider domain, also being abused for a loan scam, but registered via another registrar:

The registration details says:

Updated Date: 2017-03-18T05:54:04Z
Creation Date: 2017-01-17T02:59:47Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2018-01-17T02:59:47Z
Registrar: Alpnames Limited
Registrar IANA ID: 1857
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID: Not Available From Registry
Registrant Name: Jean Parfait Babo
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 12 Place de la Pyramide
Registrant City: Cotonou
Registrant State/Province: Atlantique
Registrant Postal Code: 00229
Registrant Country: BJ
Registrant Phone: +229.67215890
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:

So where exactly is this 12Place De La Pyramide – in fact who is this registrant. This is the type of issues not only facing consumers who are defrauded, but also law enforcement. This is an incestuous mess causing unnecessary cost shift paradigms in consumer protection – much more than the domain and hosting cost the fraudster.

So we have somebody in France trying to protect his privacy?

No, rather somebody deliberately supplying fake registration details to evade responsibility for fraud. And more so, this syndicate has been operational since at least 2010 as per the UDRP above!

Working with some information from anti-abuse groups such as and Scambaiter DeutschlandScamSurvivors and Artists Against 419 did some deep diving research into fraud reports, uncovering a large nest of fraudulent websites and domains (>300) linked to s single syndicate.  The syndicate is preying on vulnerable consumers falsely claiming accreditation with the regulators, association with banks, insurance companies and like, sometimes even spoofing them, all hidden behind fake registration details and proxies.  ScamSurvivors has done some brilliant work in documenting this syndicate. The domains are also listed in the Artists Against 419 Database and some are already suspended, other will hopefully be soon. While taking down these domains and website will mitigate the threat temporarily, these fraudsters belong in jail or we’ll see this consumer threat recreated, simply with different domain names.

Alerts with additional information are being sent out to the regulators and law enforcement. (A preliminary alert was sent some time ago).

Below is a list  malicious domains and sub-domains, with links to the relevant database entries:

Benin Loans

DomainScam NameDatabase Link
1pret-particulier.net1 Pret Particulier
a-toutpret.comA Tout Pet
abs-prestamos.comABS Prestamo
accesfinfacile.comAcces Finance Facile
adler-darlehen.comAdler Darlehen Darlehensvermittlungs GmbH
agence-synergie.esy.esSYNERGIE Banque
akasabnk.comAkasa Bank
alarcon-courtier.comALARCON COURTIER
aloebankinter.16mb.comAloe Bank Inter
aloebankinter.comAloe Bank Inter
anne-marie-finance.comAnne Marie Finance
aryancommercialbank.comAryan Offshore Bank
atlantic-inter-bank.16mb.comAtlantic Inter Bank
atlantic-inter-bank.comAtlantic Inter Bank
atlantique-emprunts.comAtlantique Emprunt Sprl
auger-emprunt.comAuger Emprunt
banqueexpressfianance.comBanque Express Finance
barkley-groupe.comBarkley Groupe
bedford-emprunt.comBedford Emprunt
besson-courtage.comBesson Courtier
beveiligdelening.comBeveiligde Lening
bigo-bank.comBigo Bank
bigocredit.wixsite.comBigo Credit Bank
bio-finances.comBIO Finance
biotteaux-finance.comBiotteaux Finance
bisic-group.comBISIC Group
bkexpressfin.comBanque Express Finance
boekhout-leningen.comBoekhout Leningen
bonnet-courtier.comBonnet Courtier
bora-emprunt.comBora Loan
bradtlening.comBradt Lenings Finances
brzi-zajam.comBrzi Zajam
cabinet-elvire-associes.comElvire & Associes
cafineo-finance-credit.comCafineo Finance-Credit
caldeira-emprestimos.comCaldeira Emprestimos
capital-investment-trust.comCapital inVestment Trust
casefipt.comCaixas de Seguros e Financas (CASEFI)
cauvin-emprunt.comCauvin Emprunt
cbe-groupe.comCBE Groupe
cedex-credit.comCedex Credit
cellule-anti-arnaque.netInterpol anti-scam cell 48h
chambly-courtier.comChambly Courtier
charest-group.comCharest Group
chauvin-groupe.comChauvin Groupe
chevalierfinance.16mb.comChevalier Finance
chevalierfinance.ueuo.comChevalier Finance
china-groupe.comChina Group
clermont-emprunt.comClermont Emprunt / Clermont Loan
cls-emprestimo.comCredito Rapido
cls-prestamos.comCLS Prestamos
cooperativegroup-fc.comCooperative Group Franco-Canadien
cordell-emprunt.comCordell Emprunt
cortez-prestamo.comCortez Prestamos
cosor-marina-prestito.comCosor Marina Prestito / Cosor Marina Loan
courtier-fontaine.comCourtier Fontaine
courtier-warlot.comCourtier Warlot / Broker Warlot
courtier48.comCourtier 48
credit-agricole-ouest-14.webself.netCredit Agricole Ouest
credit-boursoramabanque.comBoursorama Bank
credit-chagnon.comCredit Chagnon
credit-immobilier-particulier.frCredit Immobilier entre Particulier pour Particulier
credit-lukas.comLukas Finance
credit-pasquier.comFinance Pasquier
credit-royal.comCredit Royal
creditaubesoin.comCredit au Besoin / Need Credit
creditfinancenligne.comCredit Finance Enligne - Financial Credit Online
creditoen-linea.comCredito En Linea
creditorapido-es.comCredito Rapido
creditorapidoes.comCredito Rapido
creditos-investimentos.comCreditos Investismentos
creditprivexpress.comCredit Prive Express / Credit Private Express
creditssocialfinance.ueuo.comCredits Social Finance
crystal-credit.comCrystal Credit
csidae.comCaisse Sociale d'Investissement et de Depot d'Assurance d'Europe
daniel-finance.comDaniel Finance
darlehen-finanzen.comDarlehen Finanzen
darlehens-personen.comDarlehens Personen / Loan individuals
darlehens-privat-personen.comDarlehens Privat Personen / Loan private individuals
deschamps-courtier.comDeschamps Courtier
deutsche-credit-finance.comDeutsche Credit Finance
devaux-emprunt.comDevaux Emprunt SAS
dietzdarlehen.comDietz Darlehen
dimitrios-leningen.comDimitrios Lening & Finance
direct-finance-service.comDirect Finance Service
directmotorz.comDirect Motorz
dringende-lening.tkGratis loan
dumont-emprunt.comDumont Emprunt SAS
dwhite-banque.comDwhite Banque France
easyprivatloan.comEasy Privat Loan CREDIT
ecopretfinancement.simplesite.comEco-Pret-Financement / Eco-Loan-Financing
elprestamo-personal.comPrestamo Personal
emploipour-tous.comEmploi Pour Tous
emplois-rapides.netEmplois Rapides
emprestimos-garantido.comEmprestimos Garantido
emprunt-disponible.comEmprunt Disponible
emprunt-express.comEmprunt Express
emprunt-pacifique.comEmprunt Pacifique / Pacific Loan
emprunt-plus.comEmprunt Plus / Borrow Plus
emprunt48.comEmprunt 48
emprunt808.comEmprunt 808
empruntfinrapide.comEmprunt Finance Rapide
empruntimmediat.comEl Prestamo
empruntmutuel.comMutual loan / Emprunt Mutuel
emprunts-directs.comEmprunts Directs
emprunts-rapide.comFast Loans
europ-express.comEurop-Express France
europaischedarlehen.comEuropaische Darlehen
evo-bk.comEvo Bank
express-darlehen.comExpress Darlehen / Express loan
express-emprunts.comExpress Emprunt
express-finance-16.webself.netBanque Express Finance Express Finance
express-finance.wixsite.comBanque Express Finance
filaos-luotto.comFilao Luottoa
finance-creditparticulier.comPrivate Finance Credit
finance-entreparticulier.comFinance entre Particuliers / Finance between Individuals
finance-kredit.comFinance Kredit / Finance Credit
finance-projetplus.comFinance Projet Plus / Finance Project Plus
financedusud.comFinance du Sud / Southern Finance
financement-credits.comFinance Credits
financement-enligne.site123.meFinancement-enligne / Financing-online
financement-entre-particuliers.comFinancement entre Particuliers
financementdecredit-enligne.comWicht Courtier / Wicht Broker
financementdepret.comFinancement de Pret - Loan Financing
financements-express.comFinancement Express
financenordouest.gqCredit 48h
financiacion-creditoenlinea.comFinanciacion Credito En Linea / Online Credit Finance
financials-company.comEuropean Financial Company
financiamento-seguro.comFinanciamento Seguro
financiero-grupo.comGrupo Financiero / Financial group
financieros-adquiridos-grupo.comFinancieros-Adquiridos-Grupo / Financial-Acquired-Group
finanvers-de.comFinanVers Deutschland
finanz-allianz.comFinanz Allianz / Financial Alliance
finanziamenti-privati.comFinanziamenti Privati Srl
folliero-compania.comFolliero Financial Compania
fonds-reiyel.comFond Reiyel
fontana-prestamos.comFontana Prestamos
francisco-gonzales-transport.comFrancisco Gonzales Transport Logistics
frenard-services.hol.esFrenard Service
gattdarlehen.comGatt Darlehen
gerber-finanzen.comGerber Finanzen
gilles-delacroix.comGilles-Delacroix, Inc.
girard-emprunts.comGirard Emprunt
global-businessbk.comGlobal Buisness Bank
global-investmentfund.comGIF Bank
gold-free.comGold Capital
gold-mahous.comGold Mahous
greitai-paskolos.comGreitai Paskolos
grigoro-daneio.comQuick Loans
group-acces.comAccess Banque
group-easyfinance.comGroup Easy Finance France
groupe-cauris.comGroupe Cauris
groupedefinancement.comGroupe de Financement / Funding Group
guerin-emprunt.comGuerin Emprunts / Guerin Borrowings
gulteking-leningen.comGulteking Leningen
guntherdarlehen.comGunther Darlehen
hciginvestments.comHenderson Capital Investment Group
hodirev-leningen.comHodirevs Leningen Finance
hofers-finanzen.comHofers Finanzen
ii-program.comInternational Investment Program
imperial-group.onlineImperial Group
imperialfingroup.comImperial Group
imss-group.comIMSS Finance
intercenterbank.comInter Center Bank
invest-globals-services.comInvest Global Service
investisseur-prive.netInvestisseur priva / Private investor
investlening.comInvest Lening & Finances
jlinter-bk.comJL Banque Inter
joness-group.comJoness Group
kager-darlehen.comKager Darlehen / Kager Loan
kieffer-courtiers.comKieffer Courtier / Kieffer Broker
kredits-finanzen.comKredit Finanzen / Credit Finance
le-meilleurfinance.comLe Meilleur Finances
lebrun-courtage.comLebrun Finances
lening-algemene.comLening Algemene
lening-erstig.comLening Erstig
lening-gratis.comLening Gratis
lening-religieuze.comLening Religieuze
leningen-bijzonder.comLeningen Bijzonder
leningen-finances.comLeningen Finances
lopes-prestamo.comLopes Prestamo / Lopes Loan
ltfs-worldfinance.comLTFS World Finance Finanzas offer
mafo-prestamo.comMafo Loan
marco-leningen.comMarco Leningen
marcus-group.netMarcus Group SAS
margueritekris-group.comMarguerite Kris Finance
mariafinanzas.comMaria Finanzas
mario-giuseppe-credit.comMario Giuseppe Credit
mein-darlehens.comMein Darlehen
merino-prestamo.comMerino Prestamo
meuemprestimorapido.comMeu Emprestimo Rapido
mi-prestamos.comMi Prestamo
miloud-emprunt.comMiloud Emprunt
molinoprestamos.comMolino Prestamos
mon-emprunt-sur.comMon Emprunt Sur
mondialemprunt24.comMondial Emprunt 24 / Mondial Borrowing 24
monempruntsur.comMon Emprunt Ser / My Safe Loan
monwai-groupe.comMonwai Banque
morenoprestamos.comMoreno Prestamos
morvan-courtier.comMorvan Courtier Group
mos-fingroup.comMos Finance
motoconcept123.comMoto Online Store
mowris-loan-service.netMowris Loan Service
mowrisloan-service.comMowris Loan Service
mpm-prestamo.comMPM Prestamo / MPM Loan
muller-finance.comMuller Finance
mutuelle-financement.comMutuelle Financement
mutuosintercontinentais.comCreditos Mutuos Intercontinentais
my-darlehen.comMy Darlehen Darlehensvermittlungs GmbH
myproloan.comMy Pro Loan Group
neltik-bank.comNeltik Bank
notaire-raymond-associes.comRaymond & Associes
nowak-group.comNowak Group
obrien-ltd.comObrien Ltd
oceanic-finance.comOceanic Finance
offre-express.netExpress Offer
online-ubbk.comUnited Bank of Africa
optimal-emprunt.comOptimal Emprunt
or-en-vente.comGold for sale
oragroupb.comOrabank Group
ortegafinanzas.comOrtega Finanzas
ortfinanzas.comORT Finanzas
parienti-finanzas.comParienti Finanzas
payet-lening.comPayet Lening
personal-loan.tkPersonal Loan
postalinter-bk.comPostal Inter Bank
pret-express.comPret Express / Loan Express
pret-facile-rapide.comPret Facile Rapide / Quick Ready Loan
pret-proxima.comPret Proxima / Proxima Loan
pret-services.comLoan services
pret.ueuo.comPret Online / Loan Online
pretchezparticulier.netPret Chez Particuliers / Loans For Individuals
preteurope.comPrivate Loan
pretimmobilier-investissement.comPret Immobilier Investissement / Loan Real Estate Investment
pretparticulier.cfPrivate Finance Loan
prets48h-particuliers.comPret en 48h entre Particuliers
private-financing.comPrivate Financing
privatefinanceloan.comPrivate Finance Loan
privatesocialbk.comPrivate Social Bank
public-emprunt.comPublic Emprunt
pura-pret.comPURA-PRET Financial
qari-online.comQari Bank
qaribank.comQari Bank Loan Funding
rapido-finanzas.netRapido Finanzas / Fast Finance
romanens-emprunt.comRomanens Emprunt SAS
roussel-courtier.comRoussel Courtier
roussel-emprunt.comRoussel Finance
s-aider.comS'aider / Help
safrimax-kredit.comSafrimax Kredit / Credit Safrimax
schmitt-emprunt.comSchmitt Emprunt / Schmitt Loan
seppo-emprunt.comSeppo Emprunt
seppoinvestment.comSeppo Invest
servic-finances.netService and Investment Sprl
service-attestation.netService Attestation
service-emprunt-particuliers.comService Emprunt Particuliers
service-emprunt.comService Emprunt SAS
service-pret-entre-particulier.comService Pret entre Particuliers
servicekredit-gegenseitige.comService Kredit Gegenseitige / Service credit reciprocal
services-banque.comAsus Service Banque
services-credits.comServices Credit
services-fiable.netServices Fiable / Realiable Services
sifci.comSIFCI - Societe Internationale de Financement de Credit et d'Investissment
simax-invest.comSimax Invest
simmbk.comSIMM Banque
skg.16mb.comService Kredit Gegenseitige / Service credit reciprocal
snelle-leningen.comSnelle Leningen
soba-group.comSoba Group Darlehensvermittlungs GmbH
sofortfinanzen.comInstant Finance
solidarite-groupe.comSolidarite Finance
solvertservice.comSOL VERT Service
spendegeld.comSpende Geld / Donation money
springfingroup.comSpring Finance Group
sta-credit.comSTA Credit France
tchally-financement.comTchally Finance
tfrbank.16mb.comTFR Bank
toutefinancerapide.comTFR Bank
trans-fonds.comTrans-Fonds France
unitechnagroup.orgUnitechna Group
vad-finanzen.comVad Finanzen Darlehensvermittlungs GmbH
vania-prestamo.comVania Prestamo / Vania Loan
vargas-prestamo.comVargas Prestamo
veerman-leningen.comVeerman Lening
vicente-emprestimo.comVincente Emprestimos
vision-financebk.comVision Finance Bank
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web-borabk.comMigros Bank
web-bsec.comBSEC Finance
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wiselbk.comWisel Banque
word-invest.comWI Bank
word-lening.tkPayet Lening
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Fake domains/websites being used for loan scam fraud
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