Outlook and Hotmail Email Addresses Restricted

Outlook and Hotmail Email Addresses Restricted

It is with great regret that we have to currently restrict new registrations on our services using a Hotmail and Outlook email address (@hotmail.com, @outlook.com).

Somehow, Microsoft’s services are now massively being abused by spam bots. While some are trivially easy to spot, others are not.

Some can be found blacklisted on abuse prevention sites like CleanTalk and Stop Forum Spam, but not all:

Many of these bots are incoming from China Unicom’s network. However, others use other providers.

Many use garbage mailbox names, example zpdcxqvnze@hotmail.com.

It’s become a near impossible task to continuously mitigate,  cleaning up the mess coming from these spam bots. We can either mitigate Advance fee Fraud, or we can perpetually fight spam bots. It’s a no-brainer, our goal is to mitigate Advance fee Fraud.

It’s for this reason we will not be accepting Microsoft email addresses until this situation is normalized.