Krampus has arrived

Krampus has arrived

While rumors  abound of a chap in red clothes sneaking around, silently slipping presents into houses under Christmas trees for the children, other rumors were spreading. Somebody had preceded Santa.

Krampus had arrived. He’s been  quite busy for a while now doing, of all things, cyber inspections!

Greetings from Krampus

Investigations shows he’s been targeting a special naughty group this year, parties facilitating advance fee fraud. Signs of him ousting badness, spoiling the fraud of criminals, is to be seen all over.

Let’s just look at what he’s done to Darlington Ndukwu’s one domain and website, claiming to be a bank,

  • Domain had been flagged at the Anti Phishing Working Group as a malicious domain.


  • Not only was this domain similarly been flagged at VirusTotal, but certain URLs on this fake bank had been flagged as well. on VirusTotal on VirusTotal
  • Likewise, URLs had been listed as malicious at! on on

Malicious domain is just one of many that can similarly be found listed and this number is growing.

A reporter eventually managed to catch up with the rather busy Krampus. Upon being asked why he’s listing these domains, his answer was simply: “To protect good people!”

It took a bit more prodding to get behind this sequence of events. Krampus said he was tired of seeing innocent people and small businesses destroyed in what’s become a scourge of cyber misery. Both criminals and certain businesses profits by the general populace not knowing that badness lurks on the internet. Criminals do their dastardly deeds in secret, while privacy is abused by businesses to shield this lucrative source of revenue. Each domain he announces to the world, is a virtual chunk of coal he used to distribute traditionally. It’s a sign of failure.

Upon being asked if this time of the year shouldn’t be celebrated in a more positive way, he cocked his head and mischievously replied “but it is positive”.  With a glint in his eye he continued: “Coal is also positive. The coal can now be found quite easily. It fuels economies. This is an ideal opportunity for security vendors to collect the coal, study it.  This can also be an opportunity for these parties to turn the negativity into an opportunity, for creating new products not currently found in the protection consumers and small businesses use.”

Asked why he chose Artists Against 419’s database as a source of his coal, he became abrupt again, simply replying: “It’s verified and accurate”.

Still pushing a bit more for details, Krampus was asked if he’d share the coal with other parties wanting it. He simply nodded, mumbling “possible”.

At that stage an unexpected jingling outside the window distracted the reporter. When he looked back, Krampus had disappeared. All that was left behind were two pieces of coal where his shoes were, one labeled, the other


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