– Slizzy Slimzy: Why Your Motorcycle Will Not Arrive – Slizzy Slimzy: Why Your Motorcycle Will Not Arrive

Would you trust a Nigerian rapper to successfully run a diverse US and Indian located portfolio of businesses that sells electronic devices and motorcycles, as well as several logistics companies and banks? If your answer to this question is a resounding “no”, then you may have potentially just saved thousands of dollars.

By typing the email address into a search engine, to the untrained eye it is possible to see evidence of a “young, talented Afro hip hop artist” Slizzy Slimzy (as described in his social media profiles).

What is also clear is the fact that the hip-hop artist is not as “hard working” as he claims to be and is in fact dipping his toes into a more insidious past-time, advance-fee fraud facilitation. A clear first indicator of this is the sheer number of ScamWarners posts that lists the email address as being registered to a plethora of fake websites that are claiming to sell a variety of products, as well as several shipping companies that will ensure the “products” reach customers in a timely manner (or not at all).

To examine the full extent of the abuse, it is a simple process of pasting an email address into a few free online tools that can indicate the domains he has registered.
Now it is possible to categorise the domains Slizzy Slimzy has registered:

Motorcycle stores:

Tech stores:

Fake couriers:

Fake banks:

It is important to note that Slizzy Slimzy has not activated all of the websites yet, these are simply registrations. AA419 has enthusiastically catalogued and ensured that each active website has been swiftly brought offline. For the list of websites that Slizzy has actively used, it is a simple matter of checking here:
We have been adding to this list almost daily.

Now that the domains themselves have been identified, it is possible to establish how the Slizzy Slimzy syndicate is defrauding consumers in the USA and India – where these so-called “online stores” are claiming to be located. The scam begins with an unsuspecting victim innocently placing an order, paying for the product in advance of course. The scammer will, in-turn, graciously accept the payment and in an effort to exploit a further fee will provide a “suggestion” for a shipping company. The victim will consequently be required to pay the shipping and insurance fee for the product. Of course the product will never arrive and the scammer has hit pay dirt, with victims having potentially lost thousands of dollars.

AA419 seeks to catalogue and remove fraudulent websites at the first opportunity. In the case of Slizzy Slimzy, we have had the opportunity to work almost daily on this ongoing project due to the frequency of abuse. It is unclear whether the Slizzy Slimzy syndicate will stop in the effort to defraud consumers, but we will remain vigilant and with the patience to catalogue every new website that is active.

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